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Group Enterprises: Fu Hua Tong Da

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Hua Fu access to pesticide technology Co., Ltd.
Agriculture is the pillar industry of Fuhua group. Group under the pesticide Fuhua Tongda Technology Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Fuhua Tongda"), focused on the development of herbicide, products production and sales, has formed 120 thousand tons of glyphosate and other products supporting the production capacity, output value of billions of dollars, the products are exported to over 127 countries and regions, exports of nearly $400 million for two consecutive years, ranked the top three export of pesticides.
Fuhua Tongda adhering to the "cooperation and win-win" development philosophy, has introduced China agricultural industry development fund, the revitalization of the Sichuan development fund, CCB capital, Ping An Bank and a number of investment institutions to become shareholders of the company, and to carry out the depth of cooperation with the Chongqing medical group, energy saving and other large enterprises, to develop a broader space for development, a solid foundation for the grand vision of "becoming modern agriculture comprehensive solution provider" world class.
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    • Agrochemical industry
      Telphone:0833-3359989Address:Wutongqiao District Bridge Town Sichuan city of Leshan Province